Jack Lambert


Date unknown.
Widnes Junior Club
01-01-1902 v Rochdale Hornets
19 (0)


Lambert was essentially a right winger who played 19 matches for the Saints from January 1902 to November 1902. He scored just the one try in the match against Stockport in January 1902 and he also kicked one goal for the Saints.

A fitter by trade Jack moved on to the Widnes Club where he played in the centre or on the wing up to 1911. Injury ended his playing career but he continued to serve the Chemics as a long standing Committee man.

Thanks to the Widnes historian Steve Fox for his valuable information about Jack and the splendid photograph.

Jack Lambert Obituary

He died on 22nd October 1941

The death occurred on Wednesday of Mr. John [Jack] Lambert of 1, Tennyson Road, Widnes, a gentleman well known throughout rugby circles in Lancashire and Yorkshire by reason of his long association as a player and official of Widnes RFC. He was in his 60th year and though not exactly a native of Widnes, he had lived in in the town from early boyhood, his father coming to Widnes as a stonemason to work on the Widnes Borough Cemetery. Mr Jack Lambert has been for forty years employed at the works of Messrs. J H Dennis and Company and rose to the position of Foreman fitter. Latterly he had not been in good health.

As a footballer, he played in junior matches before joining the St. Helens club. After a couple of seasons with them he was transferred to Widnes, playing with the town club from 1905 until 1912, when an injury put an end to his playing career. He retained his interest and enthusiasm for the club, and twenty years ago was elected to the Committee on which he served to the end, being the second only in years of service to the Chairman, Mr. R Gardner.

He was a supporter from its formation of the Dennis Recreation Club and for a period was Secretary of the Bowling section. A Vice-President of the Widnes Cricket Club, he has been followed in a more active way by his son, Mr. C B Lambert, an official and member of the Committee.

A Territorial serving in the Royal Engineers before the Great War, he continued with them throughout the war period, holding the rank of Quartermaster Sergeant.


Season (Official Matches)TriesGoalsDGoalsMatches
1901~02 1 1 0 15
1902~03 0 0 0 4
TOTALS:1 1 0 19
Season (Other Matches)TriesGoalsDGoalsMatches
1901~02 0001


1st Jan 1902 W 2 Rochdale Hornets L 1901~02 H 7 5 VIEW
4th Jan 1902 W 2 Altrincham L 1901~02 A 11 0 VIEW
11th Jan 1902 L 2 Hull K.R. L 1901~02 A 7 15 1 VIEW
18th Jan 1902 W 2 Stockport L 1901~02 H 13 7 1 VIEW
25th Jan 1902 W 2 Birkenhead Wanderers L 1901~02 A 6 0 VIEW
1st Feb 1902 W 2 Altrincham L 1901~02 H 35 0 VIEW
8th Feb 1902 D 2 Millom L 1901~02 H 3 3 VIEW
22nd Feb 1902 L 2 Leigh SWLL 1901~02 A 3 13 VIEW
1st Mar 1902 W 2 Morecambe L 1901~02 H 3 2 VIEW
8th Mar 1902 W 2 Widnes L & SWLL 1901~02 A 3 2 VIEW
15th Mar 1902 L 2 Hull K.R. CC1 1901~02 A 0 7 VIEW
29th Mar 1902 W 2 Oldham * Fr 1901~02 A 26 2 VIEW
31st Mar 1902 L 2 Runcorn SWLL 1901~02 A 3 11 VIEW
5th Apr 1902 W 2 Birkenhead Wanderers L 1901~02 H 13 0 VIEW
12th Apr 1902 L 2 Wigan L & SWLL 1901~02 A 2 11 VIEW
23rd Apr 1902 W 2 Morecambe L 1901~02 A 10 9 VIEW
6th Sep 1902 L 3 Bradford L 1902~03 H 11 21 VIEW
1st Nov 1902 L 1 Halifax L 1902~03 A 0 8 VIEW
15th Nov 1902 W 2 Hull L 1902~03 A 4 3 VIEW
22nd Nov 1902 L 3 Oldham L 1902~03 H 0 3 VIEW
*Unofficial Match. **Non Playing Sub.

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