Jimmy Green


St. Helens Recs
28-09-1935 v Swinton
10 (0)

Biography of Jimmy Green

Jimmy Green lived in Billinge and was a clever and extremely durable forward, signed from local rivals St. Helens Recs after two seasons at City Road. Apparently, he was good friends with former Saints loose forward Bob Harrison.

According to RL Historian Mike Latham, after an unsuccessful spell with Warrington, where he failed to break into the first team, Jimmy made his debut for Wigan Highfield in 1927 against Barrow and scored three tries and kicked 9 goals. In 1930, he was transferred to Dewsbury, before his return to Lancashire with the Recs.

We do not know what happened to Jimmy after leaving Saints, but he worked as a Glassworks Labourer and in 1939 he was living in Windermere Place, St Helens. He died in St Helens in October 1984, aged 81.

This extract about Jimmy is taken from the Recs’ history They Bled Red Amber and Black.

A resident of Main Street, Billinge and a good friend of Saints’ loose-forward Bob Harrison, Jimmy was a durable front-rower, who was well-versed in the ‘dark arts’ of scrummaging. He created a positive impression with his first turn out for his new club. “In appearance he is rather like [Jumbo] Highcock,” wrote the Colonel, in the St. Helens Reporter “and in his work he has many of the characteristics of the tearaway Jumbo.” He signed for the Recs from Dewsbury and on his debut he had a kick at goal ruled out because Oliver Dolan had transgressed the mark! When Jimmy joined the Recs, only Tommy Smith remained of the famous back row trio. Albert Fildes had gone to Saints and Bill Mulvanney had retired. The team was not quite as potent as it had been in the 1920s, but Jimmy did play in a Lancashire Cup final in 1933, when the Recs lost to Oldham and played against the visiting Australians earlier in that same season. He was an intelligent and constructive footballer, too and a surprise to many why Dewsbury released him in the first place. “A really good club forward with the right idea of football,” wrote one critic, something that few from the Recs club in particular, could disagree with.

The Colonel in the St. Helens Reporter waxed lyrical about Jimmy Green after a match against Wigan Highfield in 1932 as follows: “He was a glutton for work and seemed anxious to show the Wigan folks what a treasure they had around when they allowed him to slip through their fingers and go to Dewsbury. Recs brought him in from Dewsbury for an old song, but against Highfield on Monday, Green played like an international – and the phrase is not exaggerated. His tackling was deadly, his plunges down the field were always dangerous and the way he slung out overhead passes when his progress was barred shows that he possesses football ability of the constructive type in a marked degree.”

When the Recs beat Wigan at City Road 12-11 in the league match on 9 September 1933, The Colonel was waxing lyrical once more: “Recs' whirlwind attack secures victory. Exciting scene in the last few moments.” Scrum-half Billy Greenall had passed to Billy Grundy, who forced his way over to bring the Recs to one point of Wigan. It was down to the last kick. The Colonel once more: “Green was entrusted with the shot at goal. He propelled the ball well into the air in a direct line with for the posts. He could see the ball was going straight over the crossbar and he jumped into the air with jubilation when he saw the shot was destined to bring a one-point victory for the Recs.” Jimmy went to Saints in October 1934 and played in 10 matches for the seniors before retiring.


Season (Official Matches)TriesGoalsDGoalsMatches
1935~36 0 0 0 9
1936~37 0 0 0 1
TOTALS:0 0 0 10
Season (Other Matches)TriesGoalsDGoalsMatches


28th Sep 1935 1
12 Swinton L A 3 46 VIEW
12th Oct 1935 2
11 Rochdale Hornets L A 11 0 VIEW
14th Dec 1935 3
11 Featherstone Rovers L A 6 18 VIEW
29th Feb 1936 4
12 Liverpool Stanley L H 7 10 VIEW
7th Mar 1936 5
13 Broughton Rangers L A 0 23 VIEW
14th Mar 1936 6
10 Batley L H 8 10 VIEW
4th Apr 1936 7
10 Salford L A 7 21 VIEW
20th Apr 1936 8
11 Barrow L A 7 19 VIEW
26th Apr 1936 9
13 Bradford Northern L H 15 8 VIEW
29th Aug 1936 10
11 Widnes L A 0 28 VIEW
*Unofficial Match. **Non Playing Sub.
WINS : 2 | LOSSES : 8 | DRAWS :

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