Jack King


Local Juniors
12-09-1936 v Liverpool Stanley
Wakefield Trinity
1942- Liverpool Stanley
12 (0)


Jack King by SHS

A local lad, from Thatto Heath, Jack was never going to be the biggest second-rower to ever play for Saints, but he was quite mobile and a determined character. In the report for the [drawn] Halifax game at Thrum Hall, for example, the correspondent is quoted as saying that “Hough and King were a remarkably light second row but what they were forced to give away in the fight they did their level best to make up for in their play in the loose”. Anyhow, back to Jack’s debut. The St. Helens Newspaper journalist, known as ‘Tramp’ told us that Jack had been showing good form in the A team and for the match against Liverpool Stanley, in the first round of the Lancashire Cup, he was drafted into the team in place of Les Garner and proved to be an able substitute. Jack was accompanied by new signing Emlyn Hughes [playing his second game] in the second row. “King likes his football and he and [loose forward] Cross did plenty of good work in the open”, continued the Tramp.

Jack played another eight games for the seniors until the end of the 1936-37 season. Fast forward to the St. Helens Reporter for 18th November 1941 and the correspondent Recorder’s headline about the game at Featherstone said much about the wartime situation regarding players: “Saints go down fighting at Featherstone; comedy of begging and borrowing”. Apparently the club was so short of players that Club Secretary Ernie Mercer and Director Ernie Marsden had to go on the search for prospective bodies: “They combed St. Helens in a mad rush and finally collared the men, Leyland and King, both of whom have at least ‘A’ team experience. Both did their best at short notice”. King even scored a try for the beleaguered Saints in his favoured loose forward position.

On 12th September, 1943, the Saints were at Keighley and Premier, in the St. Helens Newspaper, reported that: “King did surprisingly well as wingman-cum-full-back. The headline was: ‘SOS Saints on scratch’. Jack worked as a Builder’s Labourer and in 1939 he was living in Claughton Street, St Helens. He died in St Helens in September 1977, aged 64. If anyone has any further details, please let us know.


Season (Official Matches)TriesGoalsDGoalsMatches
1936~37 1 0 0 9
1941~42 0 0 0 1
1942~43 0 0 0 2
TOTALS:1 0 0 12
Season (Other Matches)TriesGoalsDGoalsMatches


12th Sep 1936 W 12 Liverpool Stanley LC1 1936~37 A 14 3 VIEW
19th Sep 1936 D 12 Leigh L 1936~37 H 4 4 VIEW
26th Sep 1936 L 11 Salford L 1936~37 A 12 34 VIEW
10th Oct 1936 D 12 Halifax L 1936~37 A 13 13 1 VIEW
17th Oct 1936 L 12 Streatham & Mitcham L 1936~37 H 5 15 VIEW
14th Nov 1936 L 11 Oldham L 1936~37 A 2 20 VIEW
20th Feb 1937 W 13 Featherstone Rovers L 1936~37 H 32 2 VIEW
27th Feb 1937 L 13 Bramley L 1936~37 A 7 10 VIEW
3rd Apr 1937 L 11 Swinton L 1936~37 A 5 15 VIEW
15th Nov 1941 L 13 Featherstone Rovers WEL 1941~42 A 13 17 VIEW
12th Sep 1942 L 2 Keighley WEL 1942~43 A 0 12 VIEW
28th Nov 1942 L 13 Wakefield Trinity WEL 1942~43 A 3 36 VIEW
*Unofficial Match. **Non Playing Sub.


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